The Keep Pile: Winter Things

I decided to see what all the buzz is about lately regarding Marie Kondo and her tidy KonMari Method of organizing. I admit, this influencer influenced me a bit. I folded some of my clothes into neat little rectangles that stand up beautifully in dresser drawers. I also rotated some of my food containers so that they are now resting on one side, file folder style in the kitchen drawer. The Kool-Aid was successfully sipped. Oddly satisfying feelings were achieved.  

I’m still trying to live by the words of my favorite ironic piece of junk wall decor, “The best things in life are not things”. It’s definitely what I believe in, but I’m just kind of distracted at the moment.

So instead of going on another donation and trash pile rampage, chucking things at breakneck speed, I reflected upon some personal belongings in my life that currently “Spark Joy”, as Marie Kondo proudly promotes in KonMari. Material possessions and happiness. I’m still not sure about the connection. Nevertheless, I do currently own a few favorite things that I plan on keeping for a while. I have no affiliation with any of these brands or companies, and receive no benefits or payment from posting information about them. I wouldn’t even know how to go about doing so, and apparently I missed the train on that one.


Against Me! Hoodie It is a souvenir from the best punk rock show that my husband and I ever attended. It represents amazing music, a crazy date night on the evening before Back To School Night, and the hero of it all, Laura Jane Grace. I’ve owned a lot of random band merch over the years, but this one is the keeper. It fits perfectly, and I have goals of wearing it until I’m an old lady.

Lululemon leggings They were on sale years ago, so I purchased two pairs. They have lasted me at least 4 years, ever since I started taking barre classes. They are durable, hug all the right places, and they still have a lot of mileage left. At the risk of being basic or bougie, I invested in a pair (or two) of  Lulus. I don’t regret it.

Hydro Flask Coffee Tumbler It keeps my coffee or tea boiling hot. The liquid stays so hot that I’m always scared to take a sip during the first half hour or so out of fear of burning my tongue and lips, and it does end up happening sometimes. It’s all part of the morning wake-up routine. The beverage stays warm well into the late afternoon/evening hours.

Burton DryRide Snowboard Jacket This is my FAVORITE JACKET of all time. Again, I happened upon this item on a sale rack. Thank you, Any Mountain! It keeps me warm and dry. I love the print pattern of punctuation, and it’s a great inner layer for snowboard days. It’s a the perfect jacket for school, especially on rainy days.

Ride Hellcat 2017 Snowboard My snowboarding life started when I was about 21. When I turned 36, I decided it was time to upgrade my gear because I had been riding on the same gear since 2001. I have thoroughly enjoyed the rides on this current upgraded setup. Amazing feelings of joy and happy place thoughts live on this board, even when it’s out of commission during the off-season.

Although I appreciate the functionality of these items and some of the memories attached to them, I could probably continue living a great life without them. They’ll stay in the keep pile a bit longer.

Until then,

What kinds of items end up in your keep pile?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I have been doing a lot of examining my stuff the Marie Kondo way😂 Two households of touching stuff and asking” does it bring you joy?” I must admit it has helped me to be ok with letting go.


    1. Letting go is hard! Thanking the items is helpful sometimes. I hadn’t tried that approach before. I feel silly talking to objects, but I guess it’s all part of the process. Thanks for stopping by and reading, and may your journeys of letting go continue on a smooth path 🙂



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