Learning How to Podcast


My friend Joji and I have a friendship that is rooted in the golden era of partying in our 20s and 30s.

We were often the ones who ended up being the chattiest of the bunch at the end of a girl’s night or friends gathering, running our mouths about various random topics, the volume and intensity of our voices increasing as the night went on.

During one of our drunken chats a few years ago, we came up with a big goal of starting a blog or a podcast. It was an alcohol fueled idea.

But the idea was also powered by our mutual appreciation for each other’s similarities and differences in our identities and life experiences.

We both identify as Filipino American women. I have kids. She does not. My father passed away, and she still has both of her parents, but they are divorced and her mother suffered from a stroke and needs full time care. Joji is a registered nurse and I am an elementary school teacher. Sober coffee dates have brought us together with healing conversations and great perspectives. We thought that maybe it would be beneficial to archive the chats somehow and share our thoughts with others.

We finally did it.

It’s not perfect or professional grade and we aren’t in it for the likes, followers, or amount of subscribers. Big social media platforms exhaust both of us to no end these days. And although it’s been recommended, we haven’t explored monetizing yet either.

So much value has come out of this for both of us personally, and we are so happy with the mental health benefits of the process alone. Connecting with a good friend and feeling validated on top of learning a new process and hobby is energizing. I also have personally enjoyed archiving my thoughts and words verbally since my default is usually the written word.

With that, I highly recommend trying something new that you don’t quite know how to do yet. It keeps your brain sharp and it can be highly motivating for yourself and others.

Thanks for reading and have a listen if you would like!

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