Summer 2022 Yo-Yo Diet

My Struggle with Instagram Consumption Continues

I took my son to the public library for his first visit as a “Big Kid” Kindergartener. It was a big moment for him.

He was so darn cute standing up on a stool at the self-checkout machine scanning barcodes, building a neat organized stack.

I took photos. Of course. But I failed as an Insta-parent. I didn’t post them.

I could have shown my followers what an amazing parent I am; a mom who found time during summer to prioritize a reading routine for my young child.

The angle of the library photos had an architectural and “smart” looking aesthetic. It would have been amazing and super credible because I’m a teacher. Ultra cringe hashtags would have been the cherry on top.

#teacherskid #momisateacher #smartkiddo #booksmart

Summer 2022 barely got started and I was already exhausted from viewing my life (and others’ lives) as an Instagram post. I had to face the harsh “reality” that I just can’t seem to keep up with other parents who are better than me. This kind of bitterness and jealousy leads to what some may refer to as Haterade.

Coffee cup next to red Solo cup
Kindess matters but Haterade wants a shot.

Maybe the posts of all these children enjoying such enriching activities is so that 80-year- old Great Aunt Mary in Wisconsin can see photos of the kids. The posts must not be meant for me. They’re all yours, Aunt Mary.

So I’m on my classic Insta yo-yo diet again. It also feels like an elimination diet with the intention of seeing what the human body is allergic to. I obviously exhibit a variety of reactions to whatever scary ingredients Instagram is using to impact the brain; algorithm being one of the most dangerous.

One of my FAVORITE resources for navigating through Instagram addiction and the role it plays particularly in the lives of women and moms is a podcast by Jo Piazza called Under The Influence. I openly fan-girl over this podcast and I feel really seen and heard after listening to her content. There is a lot of value and food for thought from the information that Jo has reported on, as well as super interesting interviews with mom influencers and bloggers. I highly recommend a listen.

How have you modified or eliminated social media platforms in your life?


2 thoughts on “Summer 2022 Yo-Yo Diet

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  1. I Love all your reflections.Being in the moment with our little ones is something you will never regret. It’s precious time not to be missed. Thanks for sharing. I will check out the podcast you suggested.

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    1. Thank you so much for reading! I agree with being in the moment, especially when it comes to our own kids. I’m so thankful that I have the gift of time to enjoy it all, even the bittersweet moments. Thanks for checking out the podcast too. Enjoy living in your now ❤



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