Covid Round Two: It All Made Sense

I am fully vaccinated and boosted. I had Covid in October of 2021 with very very mild symptoms.

When I contracted it the second time around, I definitely felt worse. I was in bed with fatigue for three days along with a sore throat, runny nose, and cough. No fever, but absolutely exhausted. I was completely annoyed at myself reflecting back on how it could’ve prevented it.

What was the situation that potentially exposed me to this virus yet again?


Our final family summer hurrah was nonstop fun and excitement. We drove to Anaheim instead of flying in hopes to avoid delays and getting sick. We hit the parks for 3 days, rising early each morning and returning to the hotel for late bedtime. We ate fun vacation food and I partook in vacation cocktails. It could have been a combination of any of these things that led me to exposure.

The Disneyland experience, especially the CROWDS was just like it was pre-pandemic. No mask requirements or social distancing protocols. Some rides had hand sanitizing stations at the beginning and end of the queues. There were uncomfortably packed situations where hoards of people were waiting for features or lands to open.

We did it all. We did it all while mostly unmasked.

We masked up sometimes when we realized we were in obvious close quarters, for example, the Finding Nemo Submarine Ride. There were other times that masking would have been the smart thing to do just as a precaution, but we just didn’t. The culture of the park led me to follow the majority’s lead which was to enjoy the fun and contagious good vibes complete with fully unmasked smiles.

It made sense.

I still don’t understand how this virus and the variants operate and go through some people’s bodies, and not at all for others. I was the only one in the household who was positive and I had more symptoms than I did last time.

During the 2022 era of Covid, some people feel that it is more of an “inconvenience” to test positive. Referring to Covid as a mere inconvenience doesn’t sit well with me since so many have lost their lives or their lives changed dramatically forever because of it.

It will never be considered a good or convenient time to get it. It threw me for a loop. It shocked and annoyed me. But I dealt with it, rested, and made the necessary adjustments to plans and routines at the time. I am grateful for a supportive family who stepped up while I was out of commission for 4 days.

And here are 4 of my big takeaways from the experience:

  • I still love Disneyland.
  • I am a new fan of Bravo TV’s Below Deck.
  • Although sometimes not ideal, Zoom remains an effective tool and alternative for work.
  • It doesn’t hurt to still have masks on hand for very crowded situations.
The TikTok version of this story

Have you had Covid more than once? How was your experience?

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