Meeting My Children Again

I enjoy observing a very special kind of small moment. I like to watch my own kids experience levels of discomfort. I love witnessing the precise moment when they realize they’re pretty darn good at something new and they navigate away from the overthinking brains that they got from their mom.

I am thankful that I have more time and mental space to coordinate and enjoy the logistics of extra curricular activities for my kids.

My energy has reached levels that I have not experienced in the last decade as a working mom.

Now, finally, at the end of a workday and at the end of my work week, I can finally CLOCK OUT. FOR REAL. What a concept.

Being a working parent will always be hard and no one will be able to do it all. But recognizing when life is completely unbalanced and taking a risk to try to find a better way to be more present for your own kids after working hours is one of the most important things a parent can do.

Standing in front of a traditional seat-based classroom and delivering instruction within a space where the safety and well of the humans in that building is constantly compromised is still considered one of the most stressful jobs in U.S. For me, leaving that space has greatly improved my quality of life.

It’s almost like my own kids and I have met each other again for the first time. Without uprooting and moving, we are still in a brand new setting, a new and different place. The feeling is similar to arriving at a new travel destination. We get to be excited and a little bit antsy about new things, all while finding out new and different aspects of each other’s lives that have been waiting to be introduced and highlighted.

I am beyond pumped to find out more.

Finding out it’s okay to jump this time.

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