Jenn with a Double n

Mom. Educator. Overthinker. Small Moment Collector.

I teach elementary school kids how to be strong writers. If I can’t practice my own writing and experience the same painful process on a regular basis, I would be a fraud. Writing on an online platform brings an extra edge and level of anxiety that I somewhat enjoy.

I am a walking contradiction at times. Social media brings me emotional turmoil and irritation, yet I share details about my personal life via blogging and occasional podcasting.

I would like to live life with less objects and personal belongings, but I enjoy thrifting and shopping, and I sometimes even recommend items that readers may want to purchase because I really like them.

Maintaining this little blog gives a person like me purpose and focus. I am highly distracted, but I love when words and memories land safely on a page before they’re lost in the shuffle.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to scroll and click around!


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