Until Jenn

I'm Jenn. I am a wife, a mother and an elementary school teacher in the burbs of the SF Bay Area where I was born and raised. I've had a love of writing ever since I could remember. The pages and volumes and journals that I created back then were never saved because I didn't think the content was important. Now that I have paper shredder regret, I'm trying again.

Just One Thing

I forced myself to not think about anything else. I lived in the moment (ish) and let go of all of the surrounding thoughts that I usually can’t turn off. I snapped some pictures, and tried to get right back to what we were doing, since my phone can easily take over during these times If I let it.


Sunnies California

So I finally did it. I purchased my first and only pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers. They fit really well. I felt like my eyes were getting legit UV protection. I solemnly swore to take care of them because they were expensive according to my budget. I was excited too because of how classic and versatile they were, and I knew they would last me a long time.