Until Jenn

I'm Jenn. I am a wife, a mother and an elementary school teacher in the burbs of the SF Bay Area where I was born and raised. I've had a love of writing ever since I could remember. The pages and volumes and journals that I created back then were never saved because I didn't think the content was important. Now that I have paper shredder regret, I'm trying again.

You Are Allowed One Personal Item

All of these items hang on my shoulders, forearms, wrists. The collection also includes my lunch bag and the drinking vessel that contains my caffeinated beverage of the day. Sometimes my laptop bag is hanging on for dear life on the tip of one of my fingers. The all important 40 oz Hydro Flask is also either crammed in the teacher bag or hanging on to a different finger, testing the limits of strength and flexibility. Heaven forbid I should become dehydrated during this awkward, imbalanced walk across the parking lot.