Covid Round Two: It All Made Sense

Our final family summer hurrah was nonstop fun and excitement. We drove to Anaheim instead of flying in hopes to avoid delays and getting sick. We hit the parks for 3 days, rising early each morning and returning to the hotel for late bedtime. We ate fun vacation food and I partook in vacation cocktails.

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Health Benefits of Podcasting: Blood Pressure

I have another fun and creative hobby in addition to blogging. My dear friend Joji and I started a podcast in September called Jenn and Joji Podcast. Joji is a registered nurse and a caregiver to her mother, a stroke survivor. Often, our conversations and lifestyle ideas and experiences overlap across nursing, teaching, caregiving, and... Continue Reading →

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Teacher Hallway Huddles

If it meant verbally putting something out there in the air, even if it isn't exactly words; perhaps a long and heavy sigh, or the sound that you make when you pretend (or really do) pull your hair out before the children enter the room, this is what sometimes needed to be done.

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